M&A Advisory Services
The process of growing a business through acquisitions demands time, resources and thorough analyses of multiple options. The process of selling a business requires discussions with multiple contenders simultaneously...

We at Total Finans will commit our resources at your disposal, whether you are selling or buying.
Early Stage Our executive team will work with you to develop a comprehensive understanding of your company's business model, strategy, financial prospects, organizational culture and geographic or functional expansion plans. This is essential for us in order to understand both your business and personal goals.

Idea Generation Let us work freely to provide you an outside, knowledge-based, objective opinion about the future of your company. Having understood your needs, you can trust us to furnish you with ideas that will more than just catch the eye..

Company Profile and Valuation Our experienced analysts will work with you to develop a valuation model for your business. We make every effort necessary to ensure the results are fair and objective. We will also prepare presentations and information memoranda for your business.

Identification of Potential buyers/sellers/partners Through in-depth research, our presence in the M&A network, and specific up-to-date knowledge of industry players, we will identify and select most suitable potential counterparties, domestic and foreign. We will estabish initial contacts with such parties to kick off the discussions.

Negotiations There is no single right price or no single right deal. We will manage and participate in the whole process of negotiations, whether on business issues or legal. Our goal is to give our clients more than just one option.

Contracts Every detail is important. Our participation in the deal-making process from beginning to conclusion enables us to ensure the contracts reflect the agreements and are structured fairly and efficiently.

Execution There are many instances where companies may have to be split before a deal, certain commitments unwound, or certain targets be achieved, before a deal can happen. Sometimes, sensitively intertwined issues may block progress. You can trust our experienced team to lead through practical difficulties and enable smooth conclusion of a transaction.