PRE-IPO Advisory
The number of times that any single company can go for an IPO is only once! When there is no second chance, we believe the business of going public cannot be left to chance.

Our experience with public markets and leading intermediaries will be put to use for the benefit of companies who plan to tap the public markets.

Knowing the Company - Let us plan with you how to address the requirements of going public. Does your company have a simple investment story? Are your expectations realistic? Are your financials transparent? What sort of timing should be targeted? We will draw the masterplan with you to convert your business from a family owned business to a publicly traded company.

Preparation - We know the questions that investors ask when making an investment decision. So let us work with you to prepare the Company Profile, and investor presentations that tell your company's performance and prospects in a way that is clear, concise, and objective.

Valuation Before we put your company to the true test of the market, we will give you a professional assessment of share value.

Discussions with potential underwriters We keep track of the performance of underwriters in the market and will advise you who would be best suitable for the IPO. We will enable them to give us educated advice on our IPO plans.
Management of the formal underwriting process Once a lead underwriter is selected, we will facilitate the formal process of going through the IPO proceedures. We will participate in investor presentations, coach you to be ready for questions, and constantly give you a flow of information on market events.

Follow-up - Many companies, or shareholders, make the mistake of leaving investors unattended after an IPO. We place great emphasis in your company's ability to nurture this relationship to the maximum. We will follow up with you and with the investors on your company's ongoing performance and prospects. You can be sure to reap the rewards as enhanced shareholder value when the time comes!