Valuation Services - Financial Modeling
In addition to academic and theoretical approaches to business valuation, we integrate real world experience into the equation.
We evaluate the future plans of the business, check the level of realism, and integrate the opportunities ahead as part of the value into the equation.

Nevertheless, that does not make us capable of selling just any dream. We also review perceived value from the perspective of the potential investor, factor in potential synergies, and see if required rates of return on capital are realistic. We also check how markets are valuing similar businesses.
This discipline allows us to converge the valuation issue at an optimum point, suitable both for the buyer and for the seller. We then defend this point to both parties.

The financial models we develop in order to asses the value of an ongoing business often becomes the most important management tool when determining the Company's future strategy or just checking what if scenarios. You will get a completely new perspective of reviewing the financial health of your business.

As part of our buy-side engagements, we will penetrate into the target company's lowest level of detail, if necessary, to ascertain and quantify synergies with the buyer. We work with experienced industry persons to build the future business plan and define the post-closing issues that need to be addressed before closing.